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Complete control.

From selecting a movie to dimming the lights, closing the curtains, and ordering refreshments - your control system provides simple management of it all.

Elegantly designed yet simple and intuitive, our control systems are all individually tailored to the aesthetics of each yacht.  Catering to all an owner's specifications, our graphical interfaces are user-friendly and highly functional.

Guests and crew are instantly comfortable maneuvering the devices and have broad access to all the features and functions they need.



Triton graphical interfaces are specially designed for each yacht - providing a look, feel, and functionality that seamlessly integrates with your ship.

Tailored to your yacht.

User friendly

highly functional

New users feel instantly familiar with our graphical user interfaces. Almost any function can be achieved in one to three button presses.

No instruction manual required.

Complete integration with all your ship's entertainment, comfort, and security systems. Anything you want, just a button press away.

Total control.

Triton Automation System (TAS)

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