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Jason suit

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Simon Scott

EU Director / Field Services Manager










David Denchik

Founder / Chief Executive Officer





Founded in 2004, Triton started out as a tight-knit group of people passionate about technology and uncovering solutions to complex situations.


What began as work on a singular ship quickly turned into work on two ships, then four, and has been multiplying ever since.  Our reputation among superyacht shipyards, ETOs, captains, and owners alike has enabled us to grow organically, beyond our wildest expectations.  As of 2017, we have successfully completed work on more than 150 vessels and we continue to bring on new clients.


More than just AV and IT engineering, our team at Triton is a vibrant community of professionals from all different backgrounds, all over the world.  We are creative, success-driven, independent thinkers who are passionate and dedicated to our work.


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EU Director


Our Team

Ahmed Sharabi

Alek Damyanov

Alex Fadeikin

Alicia Smith

Andra Butler

Andrew Larsen

Andrew Wallace

Ben Custovic

Brady Burke

Christian Rojas

Chris Phan

Claudiu Boza

Constantin Patilea

Daniel Ciclov

Darren Mayhead

David Denchik

David Vance

Denesh Deonanan

Devin Cook

Dimitar Antonov

Dimitre Sarnov

Dorin Severin

Elizaveta Denchik

Florin Danciu

Inna Kaletnik

James Vese

Jason Suit

Jayde Evans

Jeremy Mikkola

John Maduta

John Padgett III

Jonathan Marianu

Joe Whittaker

Joshua Micu

Julien Ducatelle

Kieran Hughes

Kyle Wilkins

Lyubov Zhuravel

Macayla Cox

Maddek Richardson

Matthew Gavin

Matt Orr

Mark Maduta

Martin Gauci

Michael Marafioti

Michael Phillips

Michael Williams

Mihai Enescu

Mihail Ciclov

Mircea Pricop

Nick Gauci

Nick Walter

Nicholas White

Nilesh Halai

Patrick Karr

Paul Weisz

Peter Cornish

Phillip Chan

Randy Rushing

Reece Rainer

Richard Ayoub

Robert Corden

Sam Overturf

Samir Najjar

Sam Rowe

Sasha Sidorov

Saul Flores

Scott Strand

Sean McAvoy

Seth Wilson

Shaun Thompson

Shawn Greene

Simon Scott

Stephanie Mayhead

Steven Kahlich

Taylor Batchelor

Thomas Bell

Thomas Metcalf

Touran De Anda

Vitaly Denchik

William Ly

Yasar Khan

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