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David Denchik

Founder / CEO



Igniting big ideas and generating a culture of innovation and progress, Triton founder and CEO David Denchik thrives on the edge of a challenge.


Truly a story of the “American Dream”, David’s family immigrated to the United States from Russia (due to religious persecution) when he was seven years old.  Ten mouths to feed and little money, David learned from his parents the importance of working hard and keeping faith.


Just five short months after his immigration, a local newspaper featured David as a child prodigy due to his ability to master the English language - both written and verbal - and interpreting for his parents.


Technically minded, David developed an early interest in computers when his older brother bought the family's first Macintosh.  He was able to troubleshoot and repair both software and hardware issues from the onset, launching a lifelong passion for technology.  By high school, David's talents earned him the responsibility of configuring the entire campus computer network.  Before graduation, he was the IT consultant for the entire school district.


Prior to founding Triton, David worked at the right hand of one of the world's most successful software entrepreneurs at Vulcan, Inc. in Seattle.  As a technology integration engineer,  David's interest in super yachts sparked while working on the build of Motor Yacht Octopus (alongside fellow Triton directors Jason and Simon) as well as other luxury yacht projects for Vulcan.


Upon starting Triton in 2004, David has always made it his goal to think big.


"Impossible is not a word we are familiar with at Triton," he said. "We operate outside the bounds of traditional limitations. We never back down from a challenge."


David currently resides near Seattle, Washington with his wife Elizaveta and their three young children.







Jason Suit

Founder / Engineering director


A seeker of innovation, Triton founder Jason Suit has never been content with ordinary.


As Director of Projects and Engineering, Jason’s strength is blending technical know-how with creative engineering to provide progressive enterprise solutions that push boundaries and define new standards.


Upon launching the company in 2004, Jason said, “we saw other companies satisfied with simply selling equipment, without much interest in how the technology functioned or worked for the client.  From the very beginning, our vision for Triton was to bridge complex systems without reinventing the wheel. Turning ideas into solutions and improving the lives of our clients.”


Always on the go, Jason seeks the adventure and discovery of new places and projects.  Residing outside of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Kerry and their three children, Jason enjoys anything that gets his hands dirty, including barbeque.  Having met his wife in Wyoming on a cattle drive, horseback riding and enjoying the great outdoors is a top hobby for Jason and his family.


Before starting Triton, Jason worked in the concert touring and AV integration industries with exposure to a vast array of technology and projects spanning the globe.  A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle and American University in Washington D.C., Jason holds both a bachelor’s of science and associates of applied arts with concentrations in acoustics, audio production and technology.








Simon Scott

EU Director


With a bold vision for technical solutions, Triton director Simon Scott's passion is ensuring project results exceed  expectations.


Originally from Essex, Simon began his career as an engineering apprentice in the Royal Navy at the age of 17.  Working up the ranks, he achieved accreditation in both electrical and technical engineering.  Upon leaving the Navy, Simon attended Nottingham University for three years, receiving a Bachelor of Engineering degree.


Simon’s interest in the Super Yacht industry began with his work as an electro-technical officer (ETO) onboard Motor Yachts Golden Shadow and Golden Odyssey.   Onboard Golden Odyssey, Simon spent four years traveling the world and developing a great expertise of the intricacies of maritime technology systems.   This expertise was enhanced during his two years onboard Motor Yacht Octopus as lead AV/IT engineer.  His six years spent as an ETO gives Simon a thorough understanding of owners expectations and the daily challenges ETOs have to overcome.


“The yachting business presents a unique set of challenges from a technical standpoint,” Simon said. “Working within the parameters of an unconventional site—with very particular demands—requires immense creativity and dedication to crafting entirely original solutions.”


Always eager for a challenge, Simon approaches every project at Triton with fresh eyes and a commitment to providing effective and functional solutions.


Currently residing in Berkshire on the banks of the River Thames, Simon spends his free time onboard his boat—“Summer Breeze”—with his wife Denise and their two dogs.  When he’s not traveling for work, Simon enjoys visiting family in Porto Seguro, Brazil and Sarasota, Florida.




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