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Unparalleled technological expertise to create, install and maintain exceptional entertainment, technology and communication systems.

From Concept to Completion

IT Systems

Your yacht is so much more than a place to relax;

it's a floating business.

Triton delivers the same quality to our IT and networking infrastructures as found in many Fortune 500 companies.

Triton IT systems are designed in such a way that they offer guaranteed business continuity, data integrity, bandwidth management, and secure remote access to documents and email through reliable and enterprise tested infrastructure.


From the Sahara Desert to the North Pole, you should always be connected.

Triton provides reliable, secure and cost effective communications systems that are essential for daily living.

Whether it's the ability to seamlessly switch between various networks, manage unified communications or easily prioritize data traffic, Triton provides systems scaled to your needs.


We believe you should never settle

for less than the best.

 Your entertainment system should have the latest technology, be of the highest quality and be completely reliable.

Triton offers a broad range of state-of-the-art AV systems from audio and video on-demand, satellite TV, IPTV, immersive surround systems and extraordinary high definition cinemas.


Audio/ Video Solutions

There is no substitute for peace of mind.


Triton provides security solutions that capture, manage and maintain digital video across your IP network or existing RF infrastructure.


From basic CCTV to thermal imaging, Triton can integrate your ship's existing components into one easy-to-manage system or custom design a complete solution based on cutting-edge technology and years of experience.

Surveillance Systems

Control Systems

Whatever your entertainment and comfort needs - Triton control systems have you covered.

More than a remote control, your control system is designed to put the user in charge of their entire entertainment experience.

From selecting a movie to dimming the lights, closing the curtains and ordering popcorn - your control system (available in any language) provides simple management of it all.




Our team of engineers are located globally, meaning, we can field any technical questions - no matter your location.


A unique benefit, Triton proactively monitors client systems, addressing potential issues before they become problems. Over 98 percent of all support issues are handled remotely, allowing you to get back to enjoying what you want to do.




Any time. Any day.


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Always available when you need us, Triton engineers are located globally - ready to field all of your technical questions, no matter your location.


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Since 2004, Triton has provided tailored installations to some of the yachting world's most innovative entertainment, technology and communications projects.  Triton's range of technical expertise partnered with tremendous creativity and attention to detail results in exceptional solutions that clear expectations out of the water.


Triton Technical is a limited liability company headquartered in Seattle, Washington.